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I am Amanda, and I am a Sleep Sense Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant.

I support parents who struggle with:

  • getting their child to sleep through the night
  • struggling to get their little one’s to settle at bedtime
  • are looking to move away from co-sleeping
  • children waking through the night
  • getting their children to nap during the day

Want to learn how I can support you and your family?

Let’s schedule a complimentry 15-minute sleep consultation and find out where you’re struggling and discuss the best way for me to support you!

'Within the first week, our girl was able to sleep between 10-12 hours a night STRAIGHT!”'

‘For the first five and a half months of her life, our little girl, my husband and I were not getting any sleep. Between the constant battle of getting her to sleep, stay asleep and waking for the various nighttime feedings we were on our last leg. Then came Amanda, within the first week that we started working with her, our girl had cut out night feedings and was able to sleep 10-12 hours a night STRAIGHT.

The battle of getting her to sleep quickly transitioned into an enjoyable family nighttime routine. We also developed a consistent nap time which was amazing. Amanda is professional, honest, prompt, relatable, and supportive. She is easy to talk to and feels like you’ve known her for ages. We highly recommend her!’

Keshia & Josiah

'I could not say enough positive things about her and her program'

‘The best service possible! Amanda is so kind and understanding. My son would only sleep if someone was rocking him to sleep. Now, he falls asleep independently and sleeps through the night. I could not say enough positive things about her and her program’

Abby Nason

'My mental health is restored and my little girl is getting the rest she needs!!'

‘I reached out to Amanda about my 3 year old daughter who was waking up in the night 3-4 times and waking for the day between 5-6 everyday. My broken sleep and her broken sleep were not benefiting either of us. I was sceptical at first to be honest but Amanda had a very laid out plan for us, she checked in daily, we worked through challenges and she was so supportive and caring through the entire process! I cannot give enough thanks and after 10 nights my toddler is sleeping through the night and so am I again! My mental health is restored and my little girl is getting the rest she needs!! Amanda is truly a miracle worker and I would most definitely recommend her to any parents struggling with their children’s sleep!’

Amanda Whalen

'We are so incredibly grateful.'

Prior to hiring Amanda, my 4 month old son was absolutely miserable. He was tired all of the time, yet refused to sleep. My husband and I took turns wearing him in the sling all night long so we could each get a small stretch of sleep. We were exhausted…and still had a toddler to parent as well.
After one particularly horrible night, I reached out to Amanda, and our lives have completely turned around. She gave us the tools and confidence to teach our baby to sleep, in a developmentally appropriate manner. He now loves his crib and sleeps like a champ! He is also so sweet and happy now that he sleeps.
Amanda has been amazing at answering all of our questions and concerns. She is so patient, calm and amazing. We are so incredibly grateful. It’s our little Christmas miracle!

Steph Ryan

Sleep Boss inc.

I want to help families discover that being a parent doesn’t have to mean exhaustion… at least it doesn’t have to mean sleep deprivation!